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In order to further the implementation of CFETS notice〔2020〕No.45 and enhance the FX arrangement under Bond Connect Scheme (“Bond Connect”), Bond Connect Company Limited ("BCCL”) is authorised by China Foreign Exchange Trade System to commence registration service for Bond Connect investors in their designation of Hong Kong Settlement Banks from 23rd June 2021.

Form Submission
Bond Connect investors can submit the "Registration Form for Bond Connect Investors Conducting FX Business in the Overseas Bank-to-Customer Market" to BCCL directly or through its designated Hong Kong settlement banks. After registration, Bond Connect investors may conduct CNY currency conversion and foreign exchange hedging transactions with its designated Hong Kong settlement banks.

Download FORMS.
Please complete this form truthfully and affix authorized seal/signature and email the scanned copy to BCCL(

For any questions, please feel free to contact BCCL at +852 23270595 or email to

Last updated on 23 June 2021