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Bond Connect Company Limited (“BCCL”), authorized by CFETS, offers its CSTP data interface service to custodians as well as investors. The data interface service provides an end-to-end solution such that all Bond Connect transaction details are delivered from CFETS to subscribers’ mid/back office systems on real-time basis for each transaction completed. The service is offered through a standardized interface set-up between subscribers and the CEFTS data transfer station in Hong Kong.

Why use it
Real Time Transmission: The interface transmits real-time transaction data.
Accuracy: All data comes directly from CFETS database with ensured accuracy.
Security: Data security is fortified by comprehensive authentication logistics and third-party digital certificate verifications. Multiple mainstream encryption algorithms are supported.
Standardization: The interface follows IMIX protocols for ease of adoption and low operation costs.
Extensibility: The interface will be able to support more trading products under Bond Connect Scheme.

How to subscribe
Eligibility Criteria:
The service is available to all Bond Connect investors and custodians.

Subscription Procedures:

Submit application documents

  • Contact BCCL for application documents at or +852 2327 0807 / +852 2327 0244.
  • Submit application documents to BCCL.

Dedicated line setup

  • Contact a network provider to set up the dedicated internet access line for connection to CFETS Hong Kong Relay Station.
  • BCCL offers guidance during development phase.

Sign the service agreement

  • Sign the National Interbank Funding Centre Currency Trading System Interface Service Agreement and submit to BCCL.

Testing & Go-live

  • Complete system testing.
  • Finish paperworks to go live.
Interested subscribers are welcome to contact BCCL at or +852 2327 0807 / +852 23270244