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Application Flow Chart
BCCL offers tailored solutions for applicants, conducts review and submits qualified applications to CFETS.

Application Process
1. Approach a Global / Local Custodian for CMU account numbers
2. Contract with Recognized trading access platform(s)
3. BCCL Application Process
i. Investor submits application forms to BCCL
ii. A dedicated BCCL account manager conducts preliminary review and reverts to investor with comments
  iii. Once contents finalized, investor can elect usage of BCCL’s translation service to translate contents into Simplified Chinese. Investor executes the final forms and BCCL submits the application to CFETS/PBOC
iv. PBOC comments or makes inquiries (if any)
v. Upon PBOC approval, BCCL sends filing notice to investor
 vi. CFETS conducts mapping against CMU & E-trading platforms
vii. E-trading platform notifies investor when operational mapping is completed and ready to trade
4. Establish trade counterparty relationship with an onshore dealer
5. Welcome to Bond Connect! Start trading via Access Platform(s)!

Admission Handbook
This Admission Handbook serves as a comprehensive step-by-step guidance of Bond Connect applications. It incorporates the overall admission workflow, concrete filing guidance of each form and useful appendixes.

Overseas investors who comply with the China Interbank Bond Market (hereinafter as CIBM). Admission criteria prescribed in the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) Public Notice No. 3 [2016], PBoC Notice No. 202 [2015], and other relevant PBoC notices may apply for the Bond Connect to conduct trading in CIBM. Overseas investors should also note the Admission Guidance for Investors from Specific Jurisdictions. The relevant documents can be accessed HERE.

This Admission Handbook shall apply to those overseas investors acquiring access to CIBM within the regulatory framework as prescribed in the Interim Measures for Administration of Mutual Access between Mainland China and Hong Kong Bond Markets published by PBoC and accept China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) for admission registration purposes.

Prospective overseas investors to Bond Connect shall submit market admission and account application documentations to Bond Connect Company Limited (hereinafter as BCCL). BCCL shall provide admission assistance & guidance, documentation preparation & review, translation service, and thereafter submit the completed and qualified application to CFETS. CFETS shall then submit relevant application forms to PBoC Shanghai Headquarter for filing purpose. PBoC may require further supplementary information, explanation letters and supporting documents. After receiving successful filing notification, CFETS shall open trading account in its system, applicants will be notified with a Filing Notice by BCCL.

Download: The Handbook to Bond Connect Admission.pdf

Last updated in June 2021