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Adopting a prudent approach to cater for the circumstances where Bond Connect investors and dealers may be unable to complete trading through the normal channels, Bond Connect Backup Trading Procedures is put in place for Bond Connect investors and dealers to apply for the alternative trading services.

Pursuant to Bond Connect Company Limited Access Rule Book, the investor should make sure that: 
  • It has obtained the Filing Notice from PBOC and become an Eligible Foreign Investor of Bond Connect; and
  • It has executed the service agreement with Tradeweb and/or Bloomberg being the Access Platform(s) and become also a Participant.

Form Submission
The investor and dealer should each fill in the Bond Connect Application Form for Cash Bond Backup Trading (Annex) in either English or Chinese and submit through one of the following channels:

For enquiries, please contact any of the helpdesks:
  • BCCL: +852-23270360 / +852-23270732;
  • CFETS: 4009787878-2-1
  • Tradeweb: +852-28478030
  • Bloomberg: +86-10-66497533
The respective party will revert to the investor and dealer upon the acceptance of the form by CFETS

Settlement Cycles
The normal settlement cycles for backup trading procedures are T+0 to T+3. However, under special circumstances, these backup trading procedures could accommodate other settlement cycles to T+4 and beyond. Investors should set out the circumstances that necessitate a settlement cycle of T+4 or above if this is selected in the Application Form. Special circumstances could arise, for instance, from holiday arrangements, or some other facts; whether certain facts amount to special circumstances are to be assessed on a case by case basis. It is also the responsibility of the investor to make orderly and appropriate settlement arrangement with its onshore dealer and custodian bank.

Download: Backup Trading Procedures

Last updated on 30 March 2020