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BCCL Launches Revamped Website

21 February 2020

We are delighted to announce the revamped website of Bond Connect Company Limited is been officially launched. The new website has been enhanced across design, content and user experience. The latest interface shares the company’s latest updates, allowing access to most up-to-date data on both Primary and Secondary market and serving as a gateway to our newly developed e-filing and PMIP system.

Enriched Content
The newly revamped website serves as a one-stop library in which you can easily navigate around all Bond Connect related Rules & Policy, onboarding guidance, information on primary and secondary market, trading calendar, details of market makers, custodians and FX settlement banks and Bond Connect data publications etc. without hassle. 

In addition, the new website also serves as a convenient platform for investor and strategic partners to extract updates regarding Bond Connect’s latest development, recent focus and upcoming events.

Enriched User Experience
It is one of BCCL’s key focuses in applying new technologies to modernise Bond Connect service and function. The revamped website serves as a gateway to access newly introduced systems, such as E-filing system and PMIP, which was recently introduced to enable greater efficiency for Bond Connect investors in both filing and primary spaces. More technological innovation will be introduced and become accessible through our website!

The website also provides users with a better navigation experience. New search function is added to make information search easier and more intuitive.

Lastly, the BCCL website has now increase compatibility on mobile devices.

Enriched Design
The Revamped website provides a refreshed appearance and feel with better alignment with BCCL’s corporate identity. The improved UX and UI provides convenience and speed to our website users!

Check out our new website at