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BCCL & BNY Mellon E-filing Webinar: Leveraging Opportunities in Chinese bonds for International Investors

15 May 2020

Bond Connect Company Limited (“BCCL”) and BNY Mellon co-hosted a webinar “A Golden Era of Bond Connect — Updates & E-Filing” on April 28, 2020 as BNY Mellon facilitates the transition to e-filing for all its clients. The event built on the strong momentum of international investors’ access to the China bond market, covering recent developments such as the official inclusion of China bonds in JP Morgan Index in February 2020 and extension of the settlement cycle for failed trades in March 2020.
The webinar introduced the latest market trends, scheme enhancements, and future landscape of Bond Connect. It also gave a holistic walkthrough of the account opening process, while highlighting specific entry requirements for certain legal entities including LP, LLC, and SPC structures frequently seen in the region before wrapping up with a demonstration of Bond Connect’s official E-Filing System. The transformation from paper form to e-filing portal eases market entry and brings forth a true era of digitalization, setting a precedent for other access schemes to move towards e-application. 
“Bond Connect’s e-filing portal has effectively optimized filing experience for investors by digitalizing form inputs and eliminating inefficiencies,” said Julien Martin, General Manager of BCCL. “Time saving for filing preparation is expected to be on average 45% against traditional filing. The ease of replicating filings for batched applications will further enhance time saving by about 60%. Moreover, investors can now communicate in the most timely manner with their dedicated account manager online.”
“We’re pleased to partner with BCCL in this initiative to support the development of the China bond market. While market reforms have made it easier for global investors to access the market, they need a trusted provider to help them navigate this evolving market landscape and it proves to be even more crucial in times like these,” said John Sin, Head of Relationship Management, Greater China, Asset Servicing at BNY Mellon. “We will continue to share valuable information and insights to create new possibilities for our clients.”
The live webinar attracted over 100 registered participants across Australia, Hong Kong, India and Singapore, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, and Switzerland, marking a very successful online partnership event hosted across time zones. (Listen to the replay/ Download the slides)
Find out more about BNY Mellon’s enhanced China Servicing solutions and market insights via their website.

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